Very Large Format Printing Embodies CTP Technology

Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technology has been revolutionizing the printing industry for years. Now Very Large Format (VLF) printers are changing the marketplace.

Printing has come a long way and we certainly can’t imagine a world without it. Johannes Gutenberg, a 15th Century German goldsmith, is cited most as the inventor of the first printing press, which allowed the mass production of books and the rapid dissemination of knowledge throughout Europe. With the evolution of computers, offset printing was created using a computer to create a plate, which allowed efficient production of enormous quantities of items such as newspapers, magazines, printed materials and yes, still books. Digital printing makes low-volume, high-quality printing affordable since it doesn’t use plates, and instead, relies on advanced inkjet and laser jet technologies. But offset and digital have their limitations.

Today the rage is Very Large Format (VLF) printing.

According to market research leader InfoTrends, large format printing will grow 6.5 percent from 2015 to 2020.

What exactly is very large?

Picture American basketball legend Magic Johnson. He stands 6’9” tall. Now imagine a piece of paper. Some VLF printers can produce life size images. As a result, VLF printing has become increasingly more popular in the commercial printing market. In fact, according to Graphic Arts Magazine, as many other print areas are declining, wide format — or VLF printing —continues growing at a steady pace.

VLF Computer-to-Plate (CTP) devices have become more economical, so more companies are using the technology to produce banners, oversize graphics, merchandise displays, signs, ads, event backdrops and other marketing materials to promote their brands, products and services. At the same time, companies such as large offset printing operations and packaging firms, are also turning to VLF printers, which can output not only larger formats, but higher quantities at faster speeds while maintaining high quality products customers have come to expect to serve this expanding market sector.

Top brands — such as Screen, Creo/Kodak and Heidelberg — have ensured their CTP development has kept pace with other press manufacturers, who have moved to VLF printers over recent years. Meanwhile, recognizes this trend for large CTP units, and typically stocks some of the most popular VLF CTP equipment.

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