Sell Your CTP Equipment for Top Price

Turn Your Idle CTP Assets into Cash

No middle man needed. No waiting for payment. Simply go direct to to sell your unused equipment and parts because cash is king.

Do you have Computer-to-Plate (CTP) imaging systems equipment and parts laying around your shop that you’ve outgrown, that you aren’t using, that you can’t return or trade-in, or that you simply can’t do anything with?

If so, these are idle assets and they are not working for you, or your business. Now you can turn them into cash quickly and painlessly.

Whether you are a domestic or international business, an end-user looking to dispose of CTP hardware, or a lending institution which wants to resell equipment that has been either repossessed or lease expiration, buys CTP equipment, machines and parts you no longer need as part of our regular business model.

Therefore, we are consistently and actively looking to buy used — and sometimes new — CTP assets outright for cash. That is to say, we don’t need to wait and pre-sell your equipment or parts in order to pay you. Because we have, a solid and reliable presence in the secondary market, we fund our acquisitions at the time of purchase and ensure you get the most value for your equipment and parts.  If for some reason you have equipment we typically do not inventory, we take your information and work with our industry connections to connect buyers and sellers.

We are always looking to purchase platesetters for such brands as Screen, Agfa Avalon, Fuji and Creo/Kodak. And we always stock the most common replacement parts, which include laser heads, gas springs, laser diodes, clamps, rollers and control boards.

Whether it is equipment, machines we strip for parts, or parts, we rebuild, refurbish and recertify these pre-owned items. Then, our factory-trained certified technicians thoroughly test them to ensure they meet our stringent standards for quality and reliability. We use this equipment and parts to support our worldwide service contract customers and to stock one of the world’s largest inventories of the most requested pre-press parts, as well as hard-to-find, end-of-life, and even often discontinued CTP parts.

Our business model earned a global reputation as the most dependable source for reconditioned CTP prepress equipment, parts and service because we also stand behind our products — including parts — by offering one of the industry’s best warranties.

Platesetters is the world’s #1 provider for Creo / Kodak thermal laser head service, preventative maintenance and repair.  We are also recognized as a top international and domestic supplier of refurbished Creo/Kodak, Screen, Agfa and Fuji CTP devices, quality prepress service and parts.