Three Reasons Buying Refurbished CTP Equipment Is Smart Business

At, we don’t understand why people have a fixation with buying everything new. Sometimes, new doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes, new isn’t always the best decision.

Isn’t every business owner looking to cut costs, or get a great deal?

Well, sometimes it is smart business to consider equipment that has been used, or pre-owned in exchange for a significant savings. But even if you don’t care about getting a deal, buying refurbished can be smart.

Here are the three main reasons why you should consider a refurbished computer to plate system from

1. Buying Refurbished Offers Sizeable Savings

The range of savings is significant.

At, the savings ranges anywhere from 40 to 80 percent, compared to a new CTP system. The price variance depends on the model and features.

In some cases, the savings can be even more substantial., for example, offers additional discounts to customers, who place large orders. When the company faces competitive bid situations, it may offer more aggressive pricing to win long-term customers.

Given refurbished equipment is its business model, typically carries some of the most popular CTP equipment, including such brands as Screen—Including Agfa and Fuji, which are re-branded systems originally manufactured by Screen—and Creo/Kodak CTP devices.

2. Refurbished Equipment Gets More Attention

Refurbished equipment receives at least a once-over from a technician—if not more—which doesn’t happen with most new products. One can infer, these products may be more reliable.

One caveat, however.

Understand the difference between “used” and “refurbished.” Both are pre-owned, but denote different things. Used could mean just about anything. Refurbished means the equipment has been worked on by authorized technicians.

With more than 40 years of combined experience,’s factory-trained, certified technicians rigorously test both the equipment and parts. They also only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, which also undergo rigorous and comprehensive internal testing.

3. You Gain a Trusted Business Partner

You always want to buy from brands you trust.

With the economy in a state of flux, size actually matters. Small companies are more trusted than big conglomerates. Nearly half of consumers say they trust small companies to do the right thing (49 percent), while big businesses (36 percent) are less likely to be trusted, according to research in Mintel’s North America 2016 Consumer Trends. And even though is the world’s leading source for reconditioned, quality prepress service, parts, lasers and equipment, it is still a small business with its primary focus on the customer.

Consumers are also more loyal than ever before. Companies that provide confidence and reliability also provide peace of mind. Marketing research has proven people will conduct more repeat business with companies that consistently offer positive experiences.

It’s no coincidence, has earned its global reputation as the most dependable source for reconditioned prepress equipment, parts and service because it delivers on its promises and exceeds customers’ expectations. As a result, has built a renowned reputation in the prepress industry. customers don’t just get a CTP. They get a business partner. One, who values long-term relationships and mutual business success.

Not to mention,’s refurbished CTP devices are backed by a six-month part warranty, which covers some of the most common parts that need replaced, such as laser heads, gas springs, laser diodes, clamps, rollers and control boards, but the warranty also covers hard-to-find, end-of-life, and often discontinued CTP parts. Yes,’s six-month part warranty covers everything.

So, why wouldn’t you buy refurbished? And, why wouldn’t it be from

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