Harlequin RIP Xitron Navigator

The Harlequin RIP / Xitron Navigator Provides Affordable Workflow Solutions for Refurbished CTPs

Plus – Get Six Additional Benefits that Can’t Be Beat

The Harlequin Raster Image Processor (RIP) — which is sold as which is sold as the Xitron Navigator — is the most widely used RIP across the globe with over 30,000 installations worldwide. It can connect to over 150 output devices, including every Computer-to-Plate (CTP) solution Platesetters.com offers.

Xitron has been developing intuitive, productive, and affordable prepress solutions since 1977 and introduced its first Harlequin-based software RIP in 1992. Today, the Navigator RIP provides an alternative for the secondary, pre-owned and refurbished CTP industry and its customers. Manufacturers that only sell new CTP equipment rely on their own proprietary RIP, or workflow processes and bundle the software solutions with new platesetters. This licensed software is expensive and therefore cost prohibitive for companies like Platesetters.com and our customers.

In simple terms, the Harlequin RIP — provides the brains of print production and prepares the output files for the CTP equipment — offers an option for customers who need it.

In some cases, customers already have RIP software and only need to upgrade or replace their existing platesetter. Other times, customers need to purchase turn-key solutions, including both the CTP equipment and RIP software. Harlequin RIP makes this last option a practical solution for the pre-press and printing industries.

The Harlequin RIP includes 64-bit architecture, native PDF interpretation, accurate transparency rendering and customizable workflow modules. Optional enhancement features such as trapping, imposition, load balancing and non-disruptive preview are also available as needed.

Platesetters.com has been selling Harlequin RIPs since its inception in 1990 and Platesetters.com factory-trained certified technicians collectively bring more than 40 years of experience working specifically with the brand. Additionally, technicians meet Platesetters.com stringent standards for quality and reliability, helping the company earn and maintain its global reputation as the most dependable source for reconditioned prepress equipment, parts and service.

Six additional benefits of Harlequin RIP/Xitron Navigator includes:

+ Cross-platform Functionality – Users have control from any workstation on a network

+ Low Cost of Ownership – Prolong the life of CTP systems with software updates to keep your equipment current

+ Accuracy – Native PDF processing reduces interpretation errors, saving you time and money

+ Preview – View output from any workstation without stopping production

+ Job Tracking and Search – Navigator RIP software conforms to your naming convention so jobs remain easy to find

+ Output to Hundreds of Devices – Xitron built its reputation as an alternative to proprietary systems so whether you are running offset, flexo, digital, commercial, packaging, labels, or dozens of other applications, most major markets and methods are covered with the Navigator Harlequin RIP and workflow.

For more information about the Harlequin RIP / Xitron Navigator, visit Xitron.com, or call Platesetters.com at (888) 380-7483.

Platesetters has earned a global reputation as the “most dependable source for reconditioned prepress equipment, parts and service by offering one of the industry’s best warranties.”

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