The Evolution of Computer-to-Plate Technologies Revolutionizes the Printing Industry

CTP solutions offer the flexibility today’s marketplace demands — speed, quality and affordability.

The digital age which began with the introduction of personal computers followed by many subsequent technologies changed the world forever. Printing is no exception.

In 1993, Agfa claims to have introduced the first Computer-to-Plate (CTP) imaging technology, eliminating the need for darkroom processes. Early CTP systems were predominately large and expensive, largely limiting market adoption to large-scale printers. CTP technology, however, has continued to evolve. Today CTP systems have become the go-to standard in the pre-press and printing industries. CTP solutions have also made printing more affordable and print production more productive.

As a result of CTP technologies, the market trend among graphic arts demands faster turn-around-times and shorter run-lengths. “Print on demand” has become a common phrase in the digital world. Last-minute changes — which used to be cost prohibitive — aren’t given a second thought anymore. The flexibility CTP solutions offer is critical for printers to survive marketplace demand today. It is also expected from consumers who want speed, quality and affordability when it comes to their printing needs.

Some economists even say that because of prints’ added value and affordability, other communication and media channels such as telecom, TV, Internet and radio continue creating a high demand for print services and that print will never die.

If you are in the business of pre-press services or print solutions and haven’t transitioned to CTP technology, you are most likely missing many opportunities for improved sales, increased productivity, higher quality, faster output and overall improved efficiencies that will positively impact your bottom line. If you haven’t upgraded your current platesetter, it’s time to consider evaluating whether advanced technologies can more efficiently meet your business needs.

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