SCREEN Launches New Series of Very Large Format Platesetters

SCREEN Launches New Series of Very Large Format Platesetters

Ultima 16000N platesetters series delivers improved productivity, energy efficiency and versatility.

Screen introduces its Very Large Format (VLF) 16-page to bring the energy-saving, productivity and dot quality of the PlateRite 8900 8-up Computer-to-Plate (CTP) series, into the popular VLF size. Three speed variations follow the ‘Z, S and E’ suffixes of the 8900 series, with an impressive speed of up to 42 plates-per-hour on the Z model at 1420 x 1180mm maximum size, reducing energy use during operation by 55 percent and standby energy by as much as 83 percent.

The series’ versatility is a big advantage compared to other VLF printers.

The series can produce four-up, six-up and eight-up plate sizes A small plate option uses 450 x 370mm and a 16-page web press can also be used alongside sheet-fed machines. With the addition of the MA-L16000N II multi-cassette autoloader system, a total of 450 plates can be supplied automatically to extend the length of continuous operation, boosting productivity and reducing the need for manual labor handling.

Furthermore, all Ultima platesetters include the latest Grating Light Valve (GLV) imaging heads, delivering major optical system improvements, including high-precision auto-focus mechanism. The PlateRite Ulima 1600N-Z models features 1,024 imaging heads, while the S and E models have 512. The S platesetter manages 29 plates-per-hour and the E model handles 17 plates-per-hour.

SCREEN Americas has been the world’s leading manufacturer of CTP equipment for more than 12 years with more than 22,000 engines installed worldwide. Its versatile product portfolio also includes PlateRite thermal platesetters and PDF/JDF-based workflow solutions for CTP and print-on-demand.

The company — known for its ability to streamline printing processes and significantly improve output quality — offers CTP solutions for all press sizes and all throughput requirements.

At, many existing customers have relied on their Screen CTP devices for over 10 years and their machines are still performing as well today as the day they were installed. 

If you haven’t made the switch to Computer-to-Plate imaging solutions, your business is not as efficient, or as profitable as it could be, and you are missing opportunities for growth. Or, it might be time to consider an upgrade to see whether advanced technologies can more efficiently meet your production needs.


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