Screen, Fujifilm and Agfa Avalon Deliver Affordable and Quality Thermal CTP Platesetters

Commercial and packaging printing companies can stay competitive with a cost-effective CTP platesetters.

Making the move to a high-quality thermal Computer-to-Plate (CTP) platesetter doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. There are several turnkey CTP packages under $30,000 that are quite popular among’s small to mid-sized printing customers.

Screen has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Computer to Plate (CTP) systems for more than 12 years with more than 22,000 engines installed across the globe. As such, Screen provides CTP solutions for all press sizes, throughput requirements and price points. Screen manufactures its PT-R 4300 E, which is also sold as Fujifilm’s Dart 4300E and the Agfa Avalon N4-14E. Why do Fuji and Agfa sell Screen devices? Rather than compete with proven platesetter hardware, Fuji and Agfa teamed with Screen to resell their reliable CTP systems, which in turn, allowed Fuji and Agfa to concentrate on their respective printing plate sales.

The Screen PT-R 4300 E — and Fujifilm’s Dart 4300E and the Agfa Avalon N4-14E — offers the automation and imaging capabilities of larger devices but in a 4 up format that supports most small to mid-sized printing facilities; plates sizes range from 32 21/32″ x 26” to a minimum size of 12 3/4″ x 14 9/16″. The auto-balance feature allows plate size adjustments without requiring manual drum balance modifications, while separate loading and unloading bays, lets one get ready for loading while another is exposed.

The CTP also has additional options. The external-drum design offers optional inline punching blocks to help ensure perfect on-press register and faster make-ready times, and the machine can be configured for efficient automatic loading and unloading options with either a single-cassette unit, which can hold up to 100 plates, or a multi-cassette autoloader, which comes standard with three cassettes and enables up to 300 plates.

Additional CTP machine features and benefits, include:

  • High-quality thermal platesetting
  • 16 laser diodes to expose thermal metal plates
  • Up to 11 Plates per hour at 2.400 dpi
  • Harlequin-RIP included with PC Windows workstation
  • Able to image chemistry based or chemistry-free thermal sensitive plates
  • Fast task implementation carries all the top brands and typically stocks The Screen PT-R 4300 E, Fujifilm’s Dart 4300E and the Agfa Avalon N4-14E because they are popular among printing shops worldwide. Whichever brand you go with, you receive a winning combination of exceptional imaging and rock-solid reliability.

Remember, too, our factory trained technicians offer routine maintenance, onsite repair and remote service to keep your CTP devices in top condition, so you don’t experience productive downtime, upset customers, or lose profitability. And we stand behind our work by offering one of the best warranties in the business. Check out today.

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