Remote & On-site Thermal Laser Head Repair

Thermal laser heads are the most critical part of CTP devices. The core component of a thermal laser head is the assembly, which includes both laser diodes and lenses. The average lifespan for laser heads varies greatly, but eventually, the power output degrades to the point the laser head becomes unusable.

The cause of most failures occurs from power fluctuations, plate type changes and excessive humidity. In most cases, laser heads can be repaired; a much more affordable option to a replacement head, which can cost as much as nearly $30,000. Proper upkeep and regular preventative maintenance visits [we recommend at least one PM a year] certainly plays an important part in how long CTP laser heads will last.

Don’t trust your CTP head in the hands of just anybody. We have over 10 years of experience in repairing thermal CTP lasers heads with remote diagnostics, walk-through laser removal and re-installation.

We know it is important to protect your investment and to keep down time to a minimum. Whether you are in need of laser head repair or need an exchange, we have you covered. Our trained technicians are experts in the repair of the Scitex/Kodak Lotem series, Creo/Kodak Trendsetters Series and the Kodak Magnus series. From 4-up to VLF, we service all devices. All parts are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and not 3rd party retrofitted technology. Heads go through hours of rigorous testing before they are shipped to assure reliability and performance.

Whether you need on-site service or would like our team to remotely diagnose/service your laser head, we offer flexible schedules to meet your demands. Typical head repair time is 3-5 days from the time we receive your bad laser head. If needed sooner, we offer an expedited service fee.

We support customers worldwide, such as India, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and various Asian markets, to name a few with fast turn around and response times.

And all of our work is backed by a 3-month warranty.

  1. Call Platesetters at (888) 380-7483 to schedule on-site visit or to remotely diagnose your laser head
  2. If head repair is required, obtain a quote for repair or exchange.
  3. Schedule a technician to be on-site for head installation or remotely assist in the installation.
  4. Return the bad head if required
  5. Return to operation

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Platesetters is the world’s #1 provider for Creo / Kodak thermal laser head service, preventative maintenance and repair.  We are also recognized as a top international and domestic supplier of refurbished Creo/Kodak, Screen, Agfa and Fuji CTP devices, quality prepress service and parts.