Platesetters offers custom-built crating solutions for shipping CTP Equipment offers custom-built pallets and crates to maximize protection for your equipment and decrease shipping costs.

Platesetters has been crating its own Computer-to-Plate (CTP) solutions since it began in 2010. We can arrange shipping for national or international  and we can also pick up and crate onsite (domestic shipments only). All of our shipments are insured.

With the growing need for custom-built crating for shipping, Platesetters is proud to announce the launch of it’s sister company, National Crating, which is dedicated to freight shipping that includes IT equipment crates, sensitive hardware crates, technology crating.  While National Crating can crate most products, our focus is on the technology and medical equipment crating for household or commercial shipping needs.  What distinguishes National Crating from other crating companies is the years of experience through crating CTP equipment that is shipped worldwide with Platesetters – and especially our many years of experience handling electronic equipment.  We have proudly shipped very sensitive equipment all over the world with over a 95% claim-free record.

The outlook for the pallet industry appears bright with predicted growth over the next four years as consumer spending increases and the global economy continues its recovery from the recession. In particular, a rise in activity in the housing and construction industry has led to a surge in demand for pallets. E-Commerce also plays a role in the freight shipping and logistics industry. According toBCG, global cross-border e-Commerce will reach between $250-$350 billion by 2025.

Platesetters shipping crates are custom-made with oriented strand board for strength and measurement. 

The packaging provided varies per product — from foam cushioning, vapor/moisture barriers, vacuum packing, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and banding.— based on the specific shipping and delivery requirements. Skids provide extra stability and allows such equipment as pallet jacks and forklifts to easily move the merchandise. We use OSB (oriented strand board) for strength and straightness and frame our crates with 2×4 lumber. All of our lumber is heat-treated and can be imported into any country without issues. 


Call at 888-380-7483 today to if you need help shipping your CTP platesetter or other equipment.