Refurbished SCREEN Platerite News 2000LE Offers SCREEN’s Platerite News 2000LE (Why this is a news industry must have!)

Advanced technology delivers top-level performance for the newspaper industry needs.

SCREEN Americas — known for its versatile product portfolio that streamlines printing processes and significantly improves output quality — has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Computer-to-Plate (CTP) equipment for all press sizes and all throughput requirements. The company has been manufacturing CTP solutions for 12 years and has installed more than 22,000 engines across the globe.

Produced specifically to respond to the needs of the newspaper industry, the SCREEN Platerite News 2000LE offers top-level performance. A thermal imaging platesetter with a 32-channel fiber diode, the CTP solution outputs up to 26 plates-per-hour at anywhere from 1000 to 1270 Dots-Per-Inch (DPI), has a minimum plate size of 18.2”x18.2” and a maximum plate size of 38.5”x26.9”.  To maximize productivity and efficiency, the CTP includes a 50-plate autoloader.

Additional product features include:

  • A 64-channel light source, making it possible to image 106 plate-per-hour when dual plate loading is integrated increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Four different types of plate loading options including a feed tray, semiautomatic loader, single-cassette autoloader and multi-cassette autoloader to meet your specific business needs
  • A variety of plate sizes, ranging from .2 mm to .3 mm thick providing increased versatility
  • Auto-balancing allows operators to use different size plates without making manual adjustments for correct drum balance saving time and labor costs
  • Small clamps at only 6 mm to reduce the risk of ink contact and decrease the time spent cleaning clamps
  • Support for Spekta screening for optimum detail and color completely free of jagged edges and broken lines

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