Refurbished PlateRite FX87011 for Sale | Introduces the PlateRite FX87011 | Refurbished

If you own letterpress printing presses, but need higher quality output, or you want to improve the output quality of your specialty materials from intermittent letterpresses, or offset label presses, you should seriously consider the PlateRite FX87011 from Screen.

Meet the PlateRite FX870II — part of Screen’s Flexo Computer-to-Plate (CTP) evolution in prepress and letterpress printing solutions. It provides higher quality, improves efficiency and makes simplifies the production of tags, labels, plastic bags and other specialty materials.  Providing superior exposure range and creating sharp relief patterns — which are ideal for reproducing fine lines and cutout text —  the PlateRite FX870II is not only easy to operate but images are easy to check with the naked eye, enabling plate inspection prior to cleaning.

For over a dozen years, SCREEN Americas has been known for its ability to streamline printing processes and significantly improve output quality. As the world’s leading manufacturer of CTP equipment with more than 22,000 engines installed across the globe, Screen’s versatile product portfolio includes not only PlateRite thermal platesetters, but CTP devices for all press sizes and all throughput requirements, as well as PDF/JDF-based workflow solutions for both CTP and print-on-demand technologies.

No matter the size of your prepress shop, higher quality and lower operating costs are essential to stay competitive in today’s global business environment. 

The 64-channel high-powered, lazer diode, refurbished PlateRite FX870II supports flexo digital and letterpress plates, as well as thermal ablation film from a minimum of 7.9” x 7.9” to a maximum of 34.2” x 30” with an option for imaging offset plates. It also offers a print resolution of 4,800 dpi and screen rulings up to 200 lines per inch (lpi). Plus, the flexo-dot patented technology ensures high-quality and high-speed output for halftone images.

At —the world’s leading source for reconditioned, quality prepress service, parts, lasers and equipment—many existing customers have relied on their Screen CTP devices for over 10 years. Those machines are still performing as well today, as the day they were installed. Now customers have a new option to consider with the PlateRite FX870II.

To schedule an appointment to see, or discuss the PlateRite FX870II, call 888-380-7483, or email today.