Kodak Magnus 800 Modular System Platesetter | Refurbished

Kodak continues enhancing imaging through the ages with innovative technologies.

The KODAK Magnus 800 platesetter delivers a reliable 8-page Computer-to-Plate (CTP) device with advanced automation options which boost productivity and stability.

Ever since George Eastman introduced the first simple camera to consumers worldwide in 1888, Kodak has remained a cultural icon and industry frontrunner by continuing to expand the ways images touch people’s daily lives. Eastman was the first person to successfully manufacture dry plates commercially in the United States. He marketed the first commercial transparent roll film, which allowed Thomas Edison to introduce the first motion picture camera.

Evolving with every decade, Kodak was the first company to design and market materials for the printing industry. It was among the first to develop technologies to preserve, copy and manage documents, which resulted in the fastest commercial inkjet print engine still in existence today. It developed technologies, allowing the first astronauts to capture images from space. Its imaging solutions enabled medical professionals to begin making health diagnostics following the invention of the x-ray.

Today, Kodak is still building its legacy by developing a variety of digital and sustainable solutions for publishers and commercial printers.

The Kodak Magnus 800 platesetter is one such solution.

Following the company’s 2005 acquisition of Creo, Kodak developed new hardware and software components, as well as enhanced production capabilities to transform what had been known as the Lotem family of offset printing solutions. The result? A modern-day modular system automated options — from semi-automatic to single or multi-cassette units — that could expand as printers’ businesses grew.

The Kodak Magnus 800 CTP offers top image quality, advanced automation for flexibility and productivity greater throughput with upgrade potential, maximum stability, reduced costs and environmental impact.

The standard Kodak Magnus 800 platesettermodel outputs a maximum of 250 lines per inch (LPI). A single cassette holds up to 100 plates, while a multi-cassette holds as many as 500 plates in five cassettes. An automatic pallet loader (APL) allows the CTP to load up to 600 plates in its bay. Plates enter the loading system at intervals prior to completing its imaging cycle before starting the next one, however there is also the option to bypass the autoloader and manually insert a plate. Additional standard features include automatic punching and Kodak’s Dynamic Autofocus, which resolves hot spots

Using a former Creo technology known as SQUAREspot, the thermal imaging heads provide tonal uniformity across the plate by automatically compensating for temperature-related plate expansion and contraction for precise, consistent imaging from plate-to-plate and machine-to-machine. SQUAREspot also supports Kodak Staccato screening for tone and color consistency throughout the printing process.

The Magnus 800Z Quantum CTP model delivers photorealistic results and produces up to 450 LPI with a maximum speed of 60 plates-per-hour (PPH).

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