Is Your Kodak/Creo Computer-to-Plate Equipment Operating at its Peak Performance?

True for all equipment, CTP mechanical parts and accessories need repaired and/or replaced over time.

Computer-to-Plate(CTP) production is no longer just a possibility for the printing industry. It is now a proven reality with over 26,000 of these working machines estimated worldwide. Printers continue investing in existing equipment, many times purchasing second — and even third generation — technologies.

There are many benefits to properly running equipment, including improved returns on investments (ROI), higher quality output, and cost savings. There is not an average lifespan of platesetters, but proper care helps keep machines in working order for seamless operations and extend their life expectancy.

One of the more popular, big brands of CTP platesetters is one you probably know well, Eastman Kodak Company. The company founder was a frontrunner in printing and the first person to successfully manufacture dry plates commercially in the United States. Following continued business growth and several name changes, the cultural icon started selling materials for the printing industry as early as 1912. in 2005, for nearly $1 billion dollars, the company acquired Creo Inc. Creo was a competitor and premier supplier of prepress and workflow systems used by commercial printers around the world.

Today, Eastman Kodak Company operates over a handful of divisions and provides a variety of business-to-business and services and industrial solutions. These services include print systems such as CTP devices that deliver sustainable, digital solutions to commercial printers and publishers worldwide.

The Top 3 most popular parts and accessories Kodak CTPs require include:

  1. Air Manifolds and pneumatic parts which support machines that use air or gas to increase efficiency

  2. Sensors which are a key component impacting the quality of print output

  3. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) which provide critical mechanical support and electrically connects equipment performance functions. maintains one of the largest inventories of end-of-life parts for older CTP systems, end-of-life parts, as well as new parts.

With an impeccable international reputation for customer service, Platesetters’ team of experts can typically predict the most frequently reported CTP part and accessory failures. You can contact our customer service anytime for more information about your equipment parts and life expectancy to keep your equipment running seamlessly, and prevent disruption to your daily operations and promises to your clients. not only has parts for Kodak/Creo ctp equipment, but also for other top industry brands, including Screen, Filmsetter, Agfa, Fujifilm and more. Stocked parts commonly include laser diodes, clamps, rollers, encoders, springs, motors and pumps, along with the others mentioned above. ships in-stock parts the same business day up until 5 p.m. EST for all domestic and international orders. If for any reason, we don’t have a part in stock, we will find it for you. 

The Takeaway

If you are not 100% sure your CTP make and model is up to par and running at optimum efficiency, simply call today at 888- 380-7483 or contact us here for more information.

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