CTP Technology Competitive Advantage

CTP Technology Offers Four Key Competitive Advantages (Say goodbye to film!)

Automation is essential to meet customers new demands for printing and CTP technology makes it possible so say goodbye to film.

Printing production has changed substantially over the years as new technologies continue to advance the progress of the industry. Even though printed material has been significantly impacted the adoption digital media, printing is still plays and important role and is a necessary medium for businesses of all sizes.

Computer-to-Plate imaging solutions have been a frontrunner in the evolution of the printing industry and offers many benefits compared to conventional printing methods and platemaking. Here are four key competitive advantages.

Competitive Advantage #1 

CTP Produces Top Quality

CTP printing removes an extra step from the process by eliminating the need for film, which used to be transfers images to a printing plate. CTP reduces quality errors, which often occurs with film (e.g. scratches and underexposure/overexposure). In addition, film – which relies on a separately-aligned pin grid – could easily get out of place, causing registration errors. Plates stay firmly in place, increasing sharpness, detail and resolution in print quality. Typically, CTP devices have an average accuracy rate of +/-2 over 4 consecutive separations.

Competitive Advantage #2

CTP Delivers Faster Turn Around

Time means money to both your company and your customer. CTP solutions offer shorter production run times and significantly increase print production outputs. Platesetters for newspaper production, for example, can output up to 300 12-inch plates per hour, while CTP imaging solutions for commercial applications can output as many as 60 to B1 plates per hour. Faster delivery times to customers can often set print shops apart from its competitors and build customer loyalty.

Competitive Advantage #3

CTP Technology is More Environmentally Friendly

CTP imaging solutions not only eliminates the need for the film, but the related chemicals and bio hazards required for processing the film.

Competitive Advantage #4 

CTP Processes are Streamlined & Cost Effective

Converting to CTP, streamlines operations, saves time, labor and, therefore, money. CTP requires less materials, less labor and produces far less waste. The key attribute that CTP offers is the boost to overall productivity achieved through automated technology. Even if your output is increased marginally, these results translate into improved quality and increased profit margins.

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