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CTP Industry Year-End Review

As the digital revolution continues, the CTP industry continues to keep pace with technology advancements.

Computer-to-Plate (CTP) is becoming a mature technology. The vast majority of printers are increasingly implementing these technology solutions because they make smart business sense.

The benefits are great. The Return on Investment (ROI) is proven. CTP systems streamline production, boost efficiency, increase productivity, provide greater flexibility, reduce operation costs and maximize quality. One manufacturer —KODAK — even offers a few platesetter systems customers can Control with the Touch of a Mobile App. And today, there are a more CTP options available than ever before, including eco-friendly solutions. Read our blog: The Benefits of Chemistry-Free CTP Plates | Going Green, which seem to be the hottest trend looking back over the year.

Here are a few additional year-end highlights to those mentioned above:

Kodak Expects 30 Percent of its CTP Plate Volume will be Process-Free by 2019

“SONORA Plate volume sales grew 50% in 2015, and this continued adoption of SONORA Plates worldwide underscores the industry’s demand for more sustainable printing solutions to address new applications and opportunities, all while increasing profitability,” said Brad Kruchten, President of Kodak’s Print Systems Division in a company-issued news release.

“With both economic and environmental sustainability at the forefront of more and more printers’ strategic investments, we predict this trend to continue and anticipate that 30 percent of Kodak’s plate volume will be process free by 2019 as process free plates are quickly becoming a mainstream industry product.”

Agfa Graphics Brings New Chemistry-Free, Zero Water Solution to Market

Debuting last spring, Agfa Graphics’ Adamas solution demonstrates its commitment to eco innovation. Adamas brings robustness to a whole new level and offers every benefit of chemistry-free solutions.

Claiming to be the most durable chemistry-free plate available on the market the time of its news release, Adamas boosts efficiency, both in plate throughput, as well as in run length, with optimal press performance, zero water and up to 75 percent less waste compared to similar products.

Verico Technology Expands Market Share for Waterless Plates

Just days after Presstek was acquired by Mark Andy earlier this year, Presstek’s waterless division spun into a new company, Verico Technology. They are expanding its market share for waterless plates and coating technologies in the printing industry, as well as growing into new market segments.

“Verico Technology and our R&D team are looking forward to expanding our portfolio and raising industry standards. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products that offer environmental advantage to our clients,” CEO Yuval Dubois told In-plant Graphics.

The Takeaway

The CTP industry will continue to evolve and change to keep stride with technology and printing industry trends. Stay tuned to see what’s in store on the horizon for 2019. Contact Platesetters for more information on the print industry latest CTP equipment, refurbished equipment, repairs and maintenance or other CTP related requests. We are here to help.

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