Comparing the Big Brands of CtP Equipment

CTP Imaging Solutions – Big Brands

Using accurate imaging solutions for your specific business requirements increases your bottom line and your productivity.

Higher customer expectations. Tighter lead times. Shorter run lengths. Newer technologies. All the while, print quality continues improving at a rapid pace in today’s digital age.

How do you keep up?

If you haven’t made the switch to Computer-to-Plate imaging solutions, your business is not as efficient, or as profitable as it could be and you are missing opportunities for growth. If you haven’t upgraded your current platesetter in, it is time to consider evaluating whether advanced technologies can more efficiently meet your business needs.

But there’s not a single, one-fits-all solution. In other words, no one CTP system is right for every situation. Different CTP imaging solutions accommodate distinctive business, productivity and application needs. CTP methods also fluctuate, according to the machine’s construction (internal drum, external drum and flat-bed image setters), light sources (ultraviolet light lamps and laser diodes) and plate types (photopolymer, silver halogen and thermal).

Whether your company specializes in commercial printing, book publishing, direct mail, packaging, labels, or signs and displays, knowledgeable and experienced technicians match your production needs with the right CTP hardware to increase your printing output with efficient and quality automation, flexibility, reliability and speed.

And Platesetters ⎯ the world’s leading source for reconditioned, quality prepress service, parts, lasers and equipment ⎯ doesn’t break your bank account. At, you save approximately 40- 80 percent, compared to a new CTP system. Read our blog, “Three Reasons Buying Refurbished CTP Equipment Is Smart Business,” to learn more.

Among some of the big, reputable and most common CTP imaging solution brands are Screen, Agfa and Fuji. regularly stocks, sells and services (both onsite and remote) a variety of these makes and models.

Here are a few highlights for each:

SCREEN Provides Digital Inkjet Production Solutions for Professional Print Operations

SCREEN Americas has been the world’s leading manufacturer of CTP equipment for more than 12 years with more than 22,000 engines installed worldwide. Its versatile product portfolio includes PlateRite thermal platesetters and PDF/JDF-based workflow solutions for CTP and print-on-demand.

The company — known for its ability to streamline printing processes and significantly improve output quality — offers CTP solutions for all press sizes and all throughput requirements. Many existing customers have relied on their CTP devices for over 10 years and their machines are still performing as well today as the day they were installed.

AGFA Embodies Print Systems

AGFA Graphics — known for its integrated and innovative solutions — is a leading supplier in the printing industry with more than 150 years of imaging expertise, sales organizations in over 40 countries, representation in more than 100 countries and dedicated manufacturing facilities on four continents.

Its visible light, thermal and chemistry-free technologies each bring unique benefits to commercial printing workflows, while its extensive plate product assortment meets specific requirements, including digital, or analog; visible light, ultraviolet light; polyester; thermal, or direct-on-press.

FUJIFILM Delivers Value from Innovation

Among its many solutions, the Graphic Systems Division of FUJIFILM North America Corporation provides pressroom products, CTP machines, proofing, digital printing and more.

Fujifilm has developed a full line of CTP devices for different business needs, including the thermal Dart 4-up series, the thermal Javelin 8-up series, and the violet Saber series of 4-up and 8-up devices. These systems are known for their performance, reliability and quality.

A Technology Facelift

If you aren’t keeping up with the demands of today’s customers, it could likely be dated technology.

Call at (888) 380-7483 today and start the conversation. We will help you determine if your make and model is up to par and most efficient for your needs or it may be time to consider an upgrade. No tricks or gimmicks. We are honest and believe our customers’ success is our success. We work hard at building long-term relationships and exceeding customers’ expectations. We hold our global reputation as the most dependable source for reconditioned prepress equipment, parts and service as sacred.

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