Creo/Kodak VLF Trendsetter | Refurbished Platesetter for Sale

Reliability and exceptional quality have made Trendsetter VLF platesetters the most widely used VLF CTP solutions in the industry. 

You know the brands. Kodak and Creo.  Collectively, they’ve been in business for more than 175 years. Together, they are a powerhouse. Together, they manufacture powerful Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technologies. 

A Look Inside Kodak & Creo 

Since George Eastman founded what is now known as Kodak in 1880, the global technology company has focused on imaging and continually expanding its services year-over-year. Today, Kodak provides hardware, software, consumables and services to customers in graphic arts, commercial print, publishing, packaging, entertainment and commercial films and consumer products markets. 

Creo, established in 1983, is a Canadian-based, worldwide imaging technology company and has been part of the Eastman Kodak Company since it was acquired in 2005.  As the leading provider of prepress systems, Creo helps over 25,000 international customers adopt digital production methods to reduce costs and increase print quality, allowing clients to serve their customers more efficiently.  

A Product Review of the Creo/Kodak VLF Trendsetter® VLF Thermal CTPs 

The robust, highly productive Trendsetter® VLF family of thermal CTP off- set platesetters offers semi-automatic or fully automatic operations. They are known for their  stability, easy maintenance and consistent, quality image output. Trendsetter VLF devices are optimized for the special requirements of Very Large-Format (VLF) book, catalog and directory printersas well as packaging converters and trade shops.  

Here are 4 distinguishing product features putting the Creo/Kodak VLF Platesetters in their own league. 

1. Available in 5 Sizes  

Realizing businesses and their customers have different needs and price points, the Trendsetter VLF family offers 5 different sizes. The smallest version images plates up to 46”x58” and the largest machine images plats up to 58”x80” with the other solutions producing images in between.   

2. Multiple Speed Options 

Varying speed options allow you to chooser the specific number of plates you need to produce per hour. The X-speed configuration provides imaging of up to 28.2 plates per hour, or 48 plates per  hour. The Automatic Pallet Loader (APL) allows you to output 52.6 plates per hour.  

3. Unique SQUARESPOT Imaging Technology 

SQUARESPOT technology improves press optimization by delivering plates accurately with notably better tonal consistency throughout the development life cycle. This feature also reduces wastes by making room for shorter run lengths and greater customization. In addition, plates produced on different platesetters in this family using SQUARESPOT technology will match in fit, quality and register.  

When combined with Kodak Staccato screening, SQUARESPOT technology also allows you to produce photo-realistic prints and artifact-free images with fine detail instead of halftone rosettes, screening moiré and gray level limitations. 

4. Accurate Plate Fit & Register  

Electronic registration minimizes the chances for improperly aligned plates to ensure proper fit. A unique 34 temperature compensation system adjusts for changes in ambient temperate and corrects for plate expansion and contraction. It also enables accurate offline punching.

These product features can significantly reduce the number of plate remakes, as well as the time and paper wasted making press adjustments. 

Your Go-To Source carries refurbished, affordable Creo/Kodak VLF Trendsetter® VLF Thermal CTP solutions. Unlike their competitors, devices are backed by a 6-month part warranty, which covers some of the most common parts that need replaced such as laser heads, gas springs, laser diodes, clamps, rollers and control boards.’s warranty also covers hard-to-find, end-of-life, and often discontinued CTP parts. Yes,’s six-month part warranty covers everything. That’s one of’s market differentiators that has earned the company an international reputation.   

For all your new, existing, or future CTP needs, check out today and give us a call at 888- 380-7483 for any questions or help finding parts and products.

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