Kodak CTP Mobile App

Control Your CTP with the Touch of a Mobile App

Every which way we turn, we hear “there’s an app for that. It’s no wonder – at the end of first quarter 2018 Stastista reported 3.8 million apps were available for Android users and 2 million apps exist for iOS users on Apple’s App Store.

Why not have an app to control your Computer-to-Plate (CTP) technology?

If you own a KODAK Magnus, Achieve, or Trendsetter platesetter system, you may be in for a treat. KODAK — one of the top CTP brands — will unveil a new mobile app in late Q3 2018 for current CTP models, followed by apps for use with older devices. The new KODAK Mobile CTP Control App allow owners and operators to monitor and control up to 10 platesetters and immediately provide alerts when a device needs attention — all with a glance from a smart phone. The app will provide capabilities for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems, is easy-to-use with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) and supports 10 different languages.

For printers that have invested in automation on their CTP device, the KODAK Mobile CTP Control App provides the next level of efficiency and productivity, according to KODAK, because owners and operators can multi-task. Not only does the app send notices if it has stopped for any reason allowing them to focus their attention elsewhere, it also offers additional information and functionality, including:

While KODAK may be leading the way, other top CTP manufacturers are likely to follow so stay tuned to Platesetters.com new CTP Trend Watch for the latest updates about CTP products and machines.

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    • See real-time information about the current job, as well as those in the queue.
    • Search for previous jobs and send them straight from the app to the platesetter.
    • View active plates.
    • Monitor environmental conditions.
    • Find the history of up to 100 events for each CTP device.
    • Monitor the plate processor (for supported models).
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