Computer-to-Plate Solutions Offer More Choices

Print collateral is not going anywhere any time soon and vendors must continue to promote relevance in the industry.

Changing customer preferences, increased mobility, innovative technologies and more efficient workflow solutions continue reshaping the print industry. Studies also suggest that consumers trust print marketing over other mediums. According to the International News Media Association, 82 percent of Internet users in the United States say they trust print more than digital marketing when making a purchasing decision.

Vendors must continue to focus their strategies on driving relevance of print technology, services and equipment in the future workplace. This is most effectively accomplished today with Computer-to-Plate (CTP) print equipment and top brands are staying on top of the trend by introducing new products to the industry. Here’s a glimpse at a few.

Agfa Graphics Announces Avalon Platesetter Series

Agfa Graphics introduced the Avalon N8-90 to its family of CTP systems at drupa, an international printing trade fair to see the latest developments and “confidence barometer” for the print media industry.

The new Avalon N8-90 model comes in three different speed options, provides first-rate imaging quality and unparalleled productivity. Engines include the latest Grating Light Valve (GLV) imaging technology, featuring the GLV, a solid-state diode bar and up to 1024 beams in the XT model. It is compatible with all Agfa Graphics thermal plates and has the fastest thermal drum CTP on the market.

Fujifilm Reveals Its New Luxel Thermal CTP Platesetter

Fujifilm launched the Luxel T-9800CTP HDN B1+ thermal CTP platesetter, which is now available and said to become the flagship thermal CTP range in the SUPERIA portfolio, combined with Fujifilm’s thermal plates and XMF workflow solutions to provide high quality and high productivity plate production.

Key features include:

  • The model is capable of producing 70 plates per hour given the new design of its high-speed engine, 1,024-channeled GLV laser head technology and a new electronics system
  • The new GLV laser head has an improved optical design, allowing more uniform light distribution, while a high-performance auto-focus mechanism offers high quality image reproduction with greater reliability
  • The series accommodates a wide range of plate sizes from 304 x 305mm plates to plates of 1165 x 950mm, offering a choice of single cassette autoloader functionality, or multiple cassette autoloader for continuous operation, offering optimal all- around performance.

Kodak Introduces the ACHIEVE NEWS Platesetter

As newspaper publishers look for new ways to streamline their operations, CTP printing solutions is more affordable and provides both the stability and quality of thermal platemaking they need. Kodak’s latest addition to its CTP portfolio made its debut at the World Association of Newspapers (WAN) IFRA World Publishing Expo and will be available early in 2018 worldwide.

The ACHIEVE NEWS Platesetter features drive more speed, efficiency and control into their platemaking process, while also improving their operation’s sustainability. The result is efficient platemaking and excellent print quality.

Screen Promotes its Workflow EQUIOS

Screen — which has been the world’s leading manufacturer of CTP systems for more than 12 years with more than 22,000 engines installed worldwide — seems to be putting increased emphasis on its EQUIOS solution platform.

This proprietary, next-generation platform fully supports both Point of Display (POD) and CTP, building on innovative prepress technologies established in Trueflow, which combine a universal workflow concept with the latest technical advances. As a solution platform, it delivers a major step forward in automation and ease of use in all stages, from overall process design and imposition to progress and quality management.

Screen is able to provide CTP solutions for all press sizes and all throughput requirements. Specifically, the EQUIOS solution platform allows multiple different types of devices to be operated from a single user interface. It integrates knowhow developed for prepress technology with various functions that enable fully automated workflow and high-speed variable printing.

Find the Right CTP System to Match Your Business Needs

If you haven’t made the switch to Computer-to-Plate imaging solutions, your business is not as efficient, or as profitable as it could be and you are missing opportunities for growth. If you haven’t upgraded your current platesetter, it’s time to consider evaluating whether advanced technologies can more efficiently meet your business needs. regularly stocks, sells and services — both onsite and remote — a variety of these makes and models from these top brands. Call today to speak to representative, who can answer your questions today (888) 380-7483.

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